Our Services

  • Custom Programming for Business

    Custom ProgrammingSometimes "Out of the box" software just doesn't cut it. Your business needs the right software to streamline your processes and improve your bottom line. We've developed numerous custom web applications that save time and improve the speed of business.


  • eCommerce Online Transactions

    Whether you need an online storefront to sell products, or want to update your system to bill customers automatically for services, we can help. Our custom eCommerce applications have saved our clients hundreds of hours in staff time through automation of billing, as well as reduced fees when compared to other eCommerce providers. 


  • Mobile-Friendly, Responsive sites

    More than 60% of all internet searches are done on a mobile device. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you risk losing valuable business. In addition, sites like Google require mobile-friendliness in order to rank in the top search results. We design applications that are mobile-friendly and responsive, meaning that your site will look great on all types of devices, from smart phones and tablets to PCs and laptops.

     Responsive website


  • Search Engine Optimization & Social Marketing

    Is your website attracting enough targeted visitors? We stay on top of the latest trends in search engine optimization and internet marketing to help you maximize the ROI for your site. We can also create and maintain your social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Social Media & SEO


  • Database Integration

    Do you currently have to manually re-enter data from one system to another? We can streamline your approach and reduce data errors by integrating your third-party systems with a centralized database. We specialize in MS SQL Server, Microsoft's popular relational database. We can normalize your data, architect your database structure and/or rewrite stored procedures and functions for greater efficiency. 


  • Security for Web and Data

    We follow the latest best practices for encrypting valuable data, preventing against SQL injections and other attempts at hacking. With data breaches in the news frequently, you cannot afford to slack when it comes to securing your systems. 


  • Hosting and Backups

    We offer secure web hosting with daily backups as well as e-mail hosting with Google Apps for Business. We also can work with you to make certain your valuable onsite data is securely backed up on a regular basis for you and your team.


  • Business Analysis

    Creating a strong foundation and clear course of action is crucial to the success of custom web development or application design. We specialize in business analysis to ensure that your project objectives are clearly defined to meet your goals.


  • Testing

    We also offer testing services to ensure your applications are user-friendly, intuitive and have minimal bugs.