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Windows 10 – “No Worries”

Upgrading to Windows 10 is easier than you think


Windows 10

I successfully upgraded three computers to Windows 10 yesterday; including a PC with Windows 7, a PC with Windows 8.1 and a Surface Pro 3. All without a single issue.

Like many others, I hesitate a bit when considering a major operating system upgrade. After all, there’s so much at risk. If an installation goes awry, there’s a huge headache, frustration, and wasted time either trying to rollback or urgently trying to get the system in working order. I painfully learned this lesson in 2007 when I upgraded to Windows Vista, and I wasn’t alone. Windows Vista gave Microsoft a huge black eye, and while Windows 7 was a redemption for many, Windows 8 nearly repeated the ordeal for many because of usability. I waited to upgrade to Windows 7 long after its release after hearing success stories one after another. I never tried Windows 8 for the same fear. However, after using a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1 I decided it was time and slowly adopted Windows 8.1 as the new standard.

With the official release of Windows 10 yesterday the “techie” in me wanted to see what it was like but my common sense and memory held me back a bit. However, I realized we had an extra PC that wasn’t being used that would be a great guinea pig for an upgrade experiment. After making certain that all the latest Windows updates were installed, I started the Windows 10 upgrade. To my delight this was easy; within an hour I had Windows 10 up and running. No driver issues. No errors. Wow! This was a bottom of the line PC with low RAM, slow processor, etc., but now it was running Windows 10 with a quick boot and great responsiveness (the Edge browser is delightful).

My confidence in Windows 10 soared. And I was impressed. It takes a huge amount of planning to create an operating system that has to play nice with nearly every third party tool imaginable, such as mice, displays, webcams, printers, etc. I’m sure loyal Apple users would love to exploit problems with Windows as they have in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I have an IPhone and we use an Apple MacBook Air, so I’m not against Apple. I just realize the basic fact that when you have full control over your hardware it’s simply not as difficult to upgrade your operating system; many less factors to consider.

So with this newfound confidence I proceeded to upgrade a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate. Again, absolutely no problems. Hmmmm. Should I proceed to upgrade a computer that is more actively used for my business? My Surface Pro? After reviewing the new Windows 10 installations I found that Microsoft gives the user the opportunity through Control Panel to roll back their Windows installation within the first 30 days—awesome idea! At that instant in time an article came across my news feed touting the awesomeness of running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3. That sealed the deal. I got the Surface Pro ready by making certain all the latest updates were installed, then I proceeded with the Windows 10 upgrade. It went, like all others, smoothly.

I’m still learning my way around Windows 10 but so far have been quite impressed. The user interface seems much better than Windows 8.1. My Windows 7 user got up to speed quickly with the new interface as well. Cortana, the new personal assistant with voice-recognition that comes with Windows 10, is also very nice. While there are several more features to dive into, such as photos and music, I am quite impressed so far. If you’re ready to take the plunge and upgrade, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, but if you do, just remember our favorite phrase: “Backup”! Good luck!

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