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Keep your data safe with regular security scans

Are you making it easy for hackers to steal your customer data?

It seems lately that not a month goes by without an announcement that some prominent company has been hacked for access to their secure customer data. Are you certain you’re taking ALL the precautions so that this doesn’t happen to your company next? Your credibility and business are too important to neglect security.

While you could have the greatest IT infrastructure staff around, you’re only as secure as your weakest link. What if your web development staff or consultant inadvertently left a hole that exposes a way into your database by a savvy hacker? Or, even more likely, the web site that you produced a couple of years ago just doesn’t have the latest standards and is vulnerable to an attack?

No matter what type of critical data you store, you should definitely have a periodic review of your exposed systems to ensure your data is well protected.  One relatively easy way of doing this is to use an Approved Scanning Vendor from the PCI Security Standards Council, a list of which can be found at

Using a reputable vendor, such as Clone Systems or Qualys, you can set up an automated scan of your external systems. The scan will produce a detailed report indicating first, whether you passed or failed the PCI Compliance scan. Most scans will also give you details on your vulnerabilities, grouped by high, medium or low, along with details on exactly what you can do to address any issues.

Scan Frequency

It’s important that you don’t simply scan your system once and achieve a passing score. Instead, remember that in the technology world everything changes fast, so the web site that passed a PCI Scan a year ago might fail if ran today. Most recommend that you run your scans at least quarterly if not monthly.

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