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Don't let your web developer own your domain!



Well, it happened again. Another frantic phone call from a company who made the mistake of letting their web developer (now long gone), own their domain.

This happens so much it's downright scary. It's innocent enough, a small business decides to save money by hiring a part-time web developer to build their site. Then they basically hand off the keys to their business when they allow the web developer to purchase their

It seems easy enough. The small business owner doesn't know how or simply doesn't want to spend the time to purchase their domain. Why not let their web developer do it? After all, that's one less task off their list.

Then the inevitable happens. They find our their domain has expired -- and their site is down. All the numerous domain expiration notification emails have gone to their past web developer's email account, where they're either ignored or the email doesn't even exist.

At this point the small business owner has to jump through hoops to either track down their old developer, or better yet, to finally get the domain put in their name (after gathering documentation to prove they are the company owner).

Please, please, please, register your company domain in your name. If you're not sure who owns your domain, you can easily look it up at

Either way, make certain that your domain contact information is up-to-date and that you have the login credentials for the Registrar (such as GoDaddy). That way you'll be certain to get notification whenever your domain is about to expire...and avoid the last minute hustle to reclaim a domain that belongs to you.

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