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A Conversation on Success in Life & Business featuring Award-Winning Entrepreneur April Yvette

“What are the results that I'm currently getting in my life or in my business, and is it what you want? Is it what you really want?” April Yvette

A Conversation on Success in Life & Business featuring Award-Winning Entrepreneur April Yvette

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Chuck (host):                     Today, I'd like to welcome to our show my special guest, April Yvette. April is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, trainer and innovator. She has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, Fox News, NBC's Daytime, the Los Angeles Times and much more. April's YouTube channel has nearly one million viewers.

                                                I invited April to join us today to share her story and offer some tips on how to get unstuck and reach your goals in business and in life. Welcome to the program, April.

April:                                     Thank you so much for having me, Chuck. I'm so excited to be her with you today.

Chuck (host):                     Oh, and we're excited to have you. April, I have been so impressed by your story. We all know that all of us want to succeed in business and in life, but sometimes, success just isn't that easy. Can you tell us a little bit more about the hurdles that you've overcome?

April:                                     Absolutely. I think like most people, you start out with a dream or a vision for your life, and the next thing is the fear. How am I going to get there? Is that even possible, right? For me, there comes a point when you find yourself at a turning point or a crossroads, and you're asking yourself. What you've been getting is not really what you want, and maybe you've got this big vision over here. Even though you don't know, you can't see the path forward to get it, you start to ask yourself, "Okay. Something must change, and I know that because I don't like where I'm at, or the results I'm getting now." The question becomes, "What is it that I really want? Am I willing to do whatever it takes to create that in my life?" That's what's most important. When you get to that place, and you make a firm decision, so that's step one. You've got to make a decision because what I've learned is no one is coming to rescue you. No one is coming to save you. No one is coming to do the work for you.

                                                There comes a time when you've got to become the hero in your own life story and save yourself or rescue yourself and do the work to create what you do want. That's taking your power back. Instead of waiting on someone else to do it or waiting for the right situation, you go create it. That's the very first step to creating success in your own life.

Chuck (host):                     I love your term about taking the power back because so many times in life, it's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity, especially on social media and everything we see. Again, just keeping that energy inside and letting it, make it succeed, I would almost think of that as a roadblock to achieving success. Can you talk about some of the other roadblocks that people face?

April:                                     Yes. Fear, limiting beliefs, playing too small, so fear shows up in many different disguises. Fear could be blame. Fear could be avoidance, making excuses. Fear could also show up as procrastination, over-analyzing. All of that is part of fear, and fear is part of what holds us back for sure, but why? Where is the fear coming from? It's coming from a limiting belief because our beliefs drive our behavior. Behaviors that we do consistently over and over again turn into habits, and those behaviors and habits are creating the results that we're getting. I want you to think, if you're listening to this podcast right now, I want you to pause for a moment. I want you to think about, "What are the results that I'm currently getting in my life or in my business?" Is it what you want? Is it what you really want?

                                                There comes a time when we've got to tell the truth to ourselves for our own sake. Once you realize, "Okay, this isn't quite the results I wanted." The next question is, "Am I willing to change that?" That's all part of the process. You've got to change it. Not treat symptoms, but real lasting change happens when you actually change it at the root cause. The real change happens when you identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating the results that you want. Like I said before, our beliefs, whether they're conscious or unconscious, they drive our behavior and habits. The habits create the result. That is really the process for really getting the breakthrough or the lift-off that you need or to break through that ceiling to get to the next level., Identifying that limiting belief and the underlying fear that's really keeping ... It's the linchpin. Seth Godin talks about that. What is the linchpin? That's identifying that linchpin, transforming it there.

Chuck (host):                     Oh, I can so relate to that. I looked at your site. One of the topics that you discussed, I got a big kick out of it. It's about how to stay focused. My wife especially got a kick out of this because I can be all over the place sometimes. I get so distracted, and I guess I want to ask you, how? What would your advice be to tell someone to focus like a laser beam? How to eliminate the distractions? What do you do about that?

April:                                     That's a great question because I've had that. I get distracted easily by shiny objects, right?

Chuck (host):                     Yes.

April:                                     Most creative people do. That's actually one of your greatest gifts, is the fact that you notice things. You're really in tune with and aware in your surroundings, but it can also derail you from really following through a project all the way to completion because you have so many distractions that it's lessening your productivity throughout the day. Here's the very first step for becoming more laser-focused. Number one, you have got to identify what it is that you truly are passionate about. Do that. What is your level 10 passion? What is it that your natural strengths and your gift your geniuses? Know what that is too because when you're engaged in something that you are so good at, that you're just consumed by it, that it does take laser-focus to be engaged in it. It's because, number one, you love doing it, but it's because you're really good at it too. When you're doing something that's an activity in your business that is maybe a level three on a scale of one to ten, for your passion level but also for what you're really good at, you will more easily get distracted.

                                                You'll lose focus. You'll feel fatigued. You'll get tired. You'll slip on to Facebook instead of finishing that one thing you were doing, right? We all do that. I think that's really one of the primary things that you've got to identify. Then, here's the second piece. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we have to do things that we don't like, especially when you're first starting out. You can't just do everything that you, 100% love, when you're first getting started. I get that, or even if you're in a business, if you are in corporate or wherever you're at for that matter, right, because your boss doesn't say, "Oh, yes. Just do those things you love," because they put more stuff on you than that.

Chuck (host):                     That's why they call it work.

April:                                     Right. The next thing is, you've got to practice self-awareness. It's a practice that can be cultivated to where you can create habits to be able to get easier, where focus becomes easier, so what you do is you quiet your mind. I actually meditate every morning because it is a practice to quiet the mental chatter that goes on your mind moment by moment on a daily basis. When you lessen those mental chatter where you have moments of silence where you can actually hear and receive guidance for that matter, that's the moment where you can be engaged in an activity. When you're practicing self-awareness, you're engaged in an activity. Then, you just notice, "Oh, I just noticed that I drifted off for a second. Hmm, okay." Then, you just pull yourself, rein yourself back in on the project that you're doing in the moment. Literally, it's like building a muscle.

                                                The more that you practice the self-awareness, you notice what thoughts you're having moment to moment, and you also notice what you're doing. You become the observer of your thoughts and the observer of your behaviors. It's a practice that you can build like a muscle, and it becomes easier and easier. Before you know it, with practice, even 30 days of doing this, just practicing it, all of a sudden, you notice even more when you get distracted. You quickly just put yourself back on task.

Chuck (host):                     You really touched a nerve on that one as far as the meditation in the mornings. One thing I've noticed, a couple weeks ago, I had a challenge with some guys at my church. The challenge is to everyday abide, take seven minutes of silence and just listen. The first week, I did it religiously, no pun intended, seven minutes. I would set the timer. I would sit down. I had no distractions. The second week, I would be in the car driving and say, "Okay. I'm going to listen now as I'm driving, no radio." I did that last week. I can definitely tell a huge difference. I was distracted. I had to pay attention when I'm driving, of course, so this week, I'm back on to seven minutes of just silence and just listening, and I feel so much more focused. I mean that is such a great way to just get in tune with yourself.

April:                                     It's a practice. That leads me to the third way of staying focused. At some point, we have our own will, right? You can use your own will power. I mean if you say you're going to ... I would encourage you to even ... If seven minutes feels like a long time, start with three minutes. Start with one minute, right? Don't feel like you've got to carve out all this time to meditate every day, and you don't have time. Start with one minute, and then set your timer for three minutes, but you got to use your will.

                                                I mean how bad do you want this? How bad do you want to stay focused? How bad do you want to start and complete projects because ultimately, your will is, "I am going to put this on my calendar, and I'm going to practice this. It's okay if I slip up or forget or whatever, I'll just get back on it." Don't beat yourself up over it. Just notice it, and then just get back on your schedule. That's where the will comes in because it's using your personal power to do what you say you're going to do. That leads to the long-term results that you're looking for.

Chuck (host):                     I love it. One of my favorite quotes, which remind me of that, it says, " Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

April:                                     Yes. You're training yourself to have new habits through your will and through the self-awareness and then just doing it over and over again until it becomes forming a new habit.

Chuck (host):                     April, these are great points. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you're doing right now?

April:                                     What I do now is, my work is very unique. I work with spiritual and Christian entrepreneurs that are purpose-driven, they're high achievers, and they are driven by making a difference. They genuinely have a product or service or a story or some advice that can genuinely help people. They feel called to get out there in a bigger way. What I do is I help them to clarify their marketing messages and clarify their niche so that when they say what they do, like whether they're at a networking event or speaking on stage or even sending an e-mail or posting something on social media, that their ideal clients respond to them instead of hearing crickets or worse, people smiling and going, "Oh gosh. That's really nice. I'll keep you in mind if I know of anyone."

                                                My goal is to help them to not just get this smile and the courtesy nod but to actually get more sales appointments on their calendar with qualified people that they can help, because if you're not talking to people more about what you do, you're not generating ... First of all, you're not helping more people because you were uniquely designed to help people with your unique genius and your strengths to help them resolve a problem. It's part of your purpose and calling. That's first and foremost, but secondly is you just got to be able to wordsmith or craft what you're saying in a way that lands with the people that you're called to serve so that they recognize, "Yes. This is exactly what I've been needing, and I really need to talk with this person more about that."

Chuck (host):                     Excellent. Also, I just have to say this. There's a wonderful ebook that you've written called “A 20-Year Relentless Climb To Success Reveals Seven Life-changing Truths”. I read this today, and I was just mesmerized by it. Can you tell our audience how they can get a copy of this ebook?

April:                                     Absolutely, I would love for you to read it. This book, I mean it was like something I had to do. Have you ever had that feeling where something's tapping you on the shoulder, like you're receiving divine guidance? "Write that. Write that." It wouldn't leave me alone, so finally, I put it all out there. This book is about my journey of ... I did a million-dollar experiment in my business to generate a million dollars in sales in one year and set a deadline for it, had an amazing thing happen, and then some twists and turns along the journey led me to seven life-changing truths that were life-changing. You can get a copy of my ebook when you got to my website, When you opt into my e-mail list, I'm a blogger, so I have blogs that I send out every week, but instantly, you'll get an e-mail that will give you a link that you can download and read the ebook and learn more about this journey that I went on. It truly is ... It was a blessing for me to write it, and I hope it is for you as well.

Chuck (host):                     It's a blessing to read. April, I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for joining us today.

April:                                     Thank you so much, Chuck. I appreciate it and all that you're doing out there. Thank you.

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