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10 Years and Growing

Happy Anniversary SpaceTech!


Ten years ago I embarked on a wonderful journey—to make my dream come true of owning and running my business. Although I do enjoy risk-taking, I like to be calculated in my approach. So I met with successful business owners and asked for advice. More importantly, I followed it!


A great friend of mine, who was also a very successful business owner, had given me sound advice a few months prior. He said literally, “Keep your day job!” But he also said to take on 1-2 part-time clients where I could perform work evenings and weekends to build credibility, save money and develop good work habits. Although it was a major sacrifice of time (success is what you do with your free time anyway), it worked wonders. On August 1, 2006 one of my part-time clients offered me an 18-month contract that I couldn’t refuse. My company was born!

Other contracts and clients came within a few months. I was able to jump into the business full time by Fall 2006, leaving behind my “safe & secure” day job. My business has been strong ever since, thanks to some pretty awesome clients. But I’ve never stopped asking for advice along the way. There are plenty of other mentors and business owners that graciously offer their insight. But one thing is different—now I meet with them as a peer and get to help others as they take their step into the amazing world of running a business.

Stepping into business ownership was a fantastic leap of faith, but one step that has made me happier than I ever imagined.

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