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Lead ProgrammerChuck, CEO & Programmer Guru

I’m available to personally coach you through the process of understanding how to remove bottlenecks in your business and help you use innovative technology and common-sense marketing to improve your business and increase your revenue.

If you’re ready to take the next step for your business, complete your free Project Assistance Questionnaire and learn more about how I can partner with you to increase profits, save time, achieve your goals and raise your business to new heights.

What We Do


We use the latest Microsoft technologies to create robust and scalable solutions that grow as your company grows. From ASP.NET web forms and MVC to SQL Server databases, we can provide exactly what you need.


We were founded on a strong business background, working with companies of all sizes to use technology to improve processes. We listen to your needs and create a plan that meets your timeline and budget.


Have third-party software you need to integrate with your web application? No problem. We've done web and software integrations for years, including database integration, serial devices and REST web services.


Need to sell products and services or update your online store? We can create and launch a storefront for you quickly to help you increase your online revenue while keeping transactions secure.


We create web applications that are mobile-friendly. Our "Responsive" designs work on all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets, so there's no need to create an expensive application just for Android or iPhone.


We originally started as a marketing company. We can work with you to optimize your site for search engines, help improve your online presence, and increase your targeted web traffic.

10 Years and Growing

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10 Years and Growing

Happy Anniversary SpaceTech!

Ten years ago I embarked on a wonderful journey—to make my dream come true of owning and running my business. Although I do enjoy risk-taking, I like to be calculated in my approach. So I met with successful business owners and asked for advice. More importantly, I followed it!

Don’t hold back! Ask for what you want.

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Don’t hold back! Ask for what you want.

Have you ever held yourself back just because you didn’t ask for what you want? I know I have. If you don’t ask the answer is always “No”, but if you do ask, there is “Always” a chance of  "Yes".

May I have your credit card number please?

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May I have your credit card number please?

Credit Card numbers on sticky notes…An eCommerce success story

I’ll never forget one of my first visits to a new client. As I looked around their office I saw credit card numbers, along with customer names, written on sticky notes which were posted in plain sight on several workstations. I tried to restrain myself when I asked about these publicly displayed numbers, then discovered that the employees were attempting to do what merely worked at the time…

Hackers never give up. Here’s how to keep your website safe.

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Hackers never give up. Here’s how to keep your website safe.

I just spent the better part of this beautiful Saturday morning bullet-proofing a web application. No, it hadn’t been hacked. But it was a target.

Confused by eCommerce? What you don’t know could be costing you thousands of dollars annually

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Confused by eCommerce? What you don’t know could be costing you thousands of dollars annually

There’s a lot of confusing terminology in the world of eCommerce, where you can accept credit card payments online. While eCommerce can be complicated, there are two main terms that you need to know in order to accept credit card payments online: Payment Gateway and Merchant Account.


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About Chuck

Chuck Fields at Apple HQI’m passionate about helping businesses use technology to succeed!

I want to help you discover how to embrace web-based applications to reach your target audience, improve your bottom line, and achieve your goals. I’m excited to show leaders like you how streamlining business processes in your company can have a BIG impact; how you have the power to make technology work FOR you.

I have more than 20 years of experience in application development, business analysis, marketing and project leadership.

It’s all about ROI.  I understand how to use technology to your advantage. I focus on proven trends and creative innovation to develop and enhance web applications that positively impact my clients and grow their business. I can do the same for you. Click here to learn more.





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